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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Welcome to His Girl Sunday!

My name is Steffani Aquila. I am a theology teaching, ballet dancing, Lucille Ball loving, old moving watching, small town girl in the big city livin’, bread making, event planner+blogger! This is a small business/ blog that I have created for the Catholic that wants an event planner or coordinator that knows and shares in all the richness of our faith. His Girl Sunday is a event planning and liturgical living service that wants to be a part of all life’s seasons by helping you to establish beauty, organization, and joy in Catholic weddings, liturgies, feast day celebrations, & sacramental parties.

With my combined experience of event planning and my appreciation for tradition I have been able to help families, parishes, & couples to bring our faith into their celebrations, homes, and every day lives. Here you will find faith filled tips, insights, and creative resources for bringing the liturgical seasons into your “little church”. Through engagement and newlywed life I have found so much joy and strength by connecting our marriage to the Church through the Sacraments and Liturgical Living, and I hope to bring new tradition ideas to you and yours.

Stay tuned for more blog posts!

Your Girl Sunday,

Steffani Aquila

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