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  • 17 Marian Garden Flowers and Their Meaning

    Symbols play a significant role in deepening spiritual connections and conveying profound truths. Among these symbols, flowers hold a special place, with each bloom often carrying layers of meaning and association. In particular, the Blessed Virgin Mary is often linked with various flowers, each representing different aspects of her character, virtues, and mysteries. Throughout the month of May and the upcoming summer months it's easy to get inspired to plant a garden, but as Catholics we can make it even more meaningful by choosing blooms that will speak to Our Lady. Within that garden you could even put a garden statue of Mary and a bench or a comfortable chair to sit in while you pray the rosary. Let's explore the significance of some flowers commonly associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. 1. Rose Perhaps the most iconic flower associated with Mary is the rose. Just as the rose is often considered the queen of flowers, Mary is often referred to as the Queen of Heaven. The rose symbolizes her purity, beauty, and grace. In Marian art and devotional imagery, Mary is frequently depicted holding or surrounded by roses, symbolizing her role as the Mystical Rose. The rosary, isa popular devotion dedicated to Mary, and is often symbolized by a garland of roses. 2. Lily The lily is another prominent flower in Marian symbolism, representing purity, innocence, and the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Its white petals symbolize Mary's sinlessness and her role as the vessel of God's grace. Mary is often depicted holding a lily, signifying her purity of heart and soul. The Annunciation, the moment when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive Jesus, is often depicted with lilies as a symbol of the purity of the Virgin. 3. Violet Violets are associated with humility and modesty, virtues exemplified by Mary throughout her life. Mary's humility is celebrated as she willingly accepted God's plan for her life, despite its challenges and uncertainties. Violets, with their delicate beauty and unassuming presence, serve as a reminder of Mary's humble and obedient response to God's call. 4. Lily of the Valley Often called "Our Lady's Tears," the Lily of the Valley is associated with Mary's sorrows, particularly her grief at the crucifixion of her son, Jesus. Its drooping white blossoms symbolize Mary's tears shed during her earthly life as she witnessed the suffering of her beloved son. Despite her sorrow, Mary's faith and love remained steadfast, offering solace and compassion to all who turn to her in times of trial. 5. Bluebells Bluebells are sometimes associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary due to their gentle blue hue, reminiscent of the color often used to depict her in traditional art. Blue is a color often associated with Mary, symbolizing her heavenly nature, purity, and maternal love. Bluebells, with their delicate bell-shaped flowers, evoke a sense of reverence and tranquility, inviting believers to contemplate Mary's role as the Mother of God and our spiritual mother. 6. Marigold In some cultures, marigolds are associated with Mary and are used in devotional practices honoring her. The vibrant orange and gold hues of marigolds symbolize Mary's glory and majesty as Queen of Heaven. Marigolds are often offered as tokens of devotion and adornment in Marian shrines and processions, serving as a colorful expression of love and reverence for the Blessed Virgin. 7. Forget-Me-Not This delicate flower symbolizes remembrance and eternal love. In the context of Mary, the Forget-Me-Not can represent the enduring love and intercession of the Blessed Virgin for all her children. It serves as a reminder that Mary never forgets those who turn to her in prayer and seek her maternal care. 8. Honeysuckle Honeysuckle is often associated with Mary's sweetness, devotion, and fidelity. In relation to Mary, it can symbolize the sweet fragrance of her love and virtues, and the unwavering devotion of her faithful followers. Just as the honeysuckle vine clings to its support, Mary's devotees cling to her as their spiritual guide and advocate. 9. Jasmine Jasmine is known for its intoxicating fragrance and delicate white flowers. In Marian symbolism, jasmine can represent purity, grace, and beauty of Mary's presence. Its heavenly scent evokes a sense of the divine and serves as a reminder of Mary's role as the Mother of God, whose love envelops her children like a comforting fragrance. 10. Carnation Carnations are often associated with devotion and motherhood. In the context of Mary, the carnation symbolizes her maternal love for humanity and her role as the nurturing mother of all believers. Its various colors, including white for purity and pink for maternal love, reflect different aspects of Mary's character and virtues. 11. Columbine Columbines are known for their unique, bell-shaped flowers and are often associated with innocence and purity. In relation to Mary, the columbine can symbolize her innocence and her role as the Immaculate Conception. Its graceful appearance reminds believers of Mary's gentle and pure-hearted nature, inviting them to emulate her virtues in their own lives. 12. Iris The iris is associated with faith, wisdom, and hope. In Marian symbolism, the iris represents Mary's faithfulness to God's will, her wisdom in discerning divine mysteries, and the hope she offers to all who seek her intercession. Its vibrant colors and elegant form serve as a visual reminder that we should be faithful to God's will just as Mary is. 13. Pansy Pansies are often linked with remembrance and loving thoughts. In connection with Mary, pansies symbolize the affection and reverence that believers hold for her. Their gentle appearance reflect the heartfelt devotion and admiration that people have for the Mother of God. 14. Peony Peonies are known for their large, fragrant blooms and are often associated with prosperity, compassion, and beauty. In relation to Mary, peonies symbolize her abundant grace and maternal care. Their lush petals and rich colors serve as a visual reminder of Mary's overflowing love and the spiritual blessings she bestows upon her children. 15. Morning Glory Morning glories are beloved for their bright, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the early hours of the day. They symbolize renewal, hope, and the fleeting nature of life. In the context of Mary, morning glories represent the dawn of salvation brought forth by her son, Jesus Christ. Their fleeting blooms remind believers of the transient nature of earthly life and the eternal hope found in Mary's intercession. 16. Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemums are associated with honor, loyalty, and longevity. Chrysanthemums symbolize Mary's exalted status as Queen of Heaven! Their diverse colors and intricate blooms reflect the multifaceted nature of Mary's role as intercessor, protector, and guide. 17. Daffodil Daffodils are known for their cheerful yellow blossoms, which herald the arrival of spring. They symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and the promise of hope. In connection with Mary, daffodils represent the joy and hope that she brings to the world through her son, Jesus Christ. Their bright petals serve as a reminder of Mary's role in the redemption of humanity and the renewal of all all creation. These floral symbols associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary can offer us a profound way to deepen our devotion and understanding of Mary's role in salvation history. Each flower carries its own unique symbolism, reflecting different facets of Mary's character, virtues, and mysteries. Whether it's the purity of the rose, the humility of the violet, or the sorrow of the Lily of the Valley, these flowers invite us to contemplate the beauty and grace of the Mother of God, who continues to intercede for us with her maternal love and compassion. Did you plant a Marian Garden using this guide? Share a picture with me on Facebook or Instagram and tag His Girl Sunday!

  • St. Catherine of Siena Feast Day Guide

    Say a prayer for the feast of St. Catherine. Add this to your mealtime prayer or before bedtime! Bring your family and friends together around the table by making foods associated with St. Catherine. Get ready to prep your grocery list! Try my recipe for Clementine Cake here! Pass along the story of "The Lady With the Lamp." Remember these wise words from St. Catherine of Siena. Print out the quote or write in a place where everyone in your household can see it today. Bless your fire today in honor of her famous quote! Learn more about St. Catherine of Siena with these fast facts. Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful to your liturgical living? Share it with a friend! If you used any of the ideas, we'd love to see them on Facebook or Instagram. Post pictures and tag us!

  • May Crowning Ceremony at Home or With a Group

    A Catholic May Crowning is a traditional devotion wherein a statue or image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is crowned with a wreath of flowers. Typically this is done on May 1st, which is also known as May Day, but this can also be done anytime during the month of May which is dedicated to Mary. This ceremony is a way for all of us to honor Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and to express our love and devotion to her as our Mother. Keep in mind that there is no official rite for a May Crowning within the home, classroom, or with a group. I have compiled this ceremony from various May Crownings that I have been to and felt were reverent, prayerful, and honoring of our Blessed Mother. Feel free to adapt and adopt what you need to for the needs of your household or group. Often a May Crowning will include prayers, hymns, Scripture readings, and reflections on the role of Mary in the life of the Church and in the lives of individual believers. And it is often accompanied by the recitation of the Rosary or other Marian prayers. Performing a May Crowning ceremony at home or with a group can be a beautiful way to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially during the month of May. Here's a general outline of how you can do it: 1. Preparation: Choose a suitable location for the ceremony, such as a prayer corner, garden, or a room with a small altar. Gather a statue or picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary to crown. You can also decorate the area with flowers, candles, tablecloth, a crucifix, and any other symbols of devotion to Mary. Create a crown for Mary using real or artificial flowers. I have a step by step tutorial for making a real flower crown which you can watch in this video. Click the button below. I also have an heirloom crown that you can purchase here. Decide on whether or not you will incorporate a short procession. Print the prayers, hymns, and reflections that you would like the group to follow along with. Invite family members or friends to participate in the ceremony. 2. Selecting Participants: Choose someone to lead the prayers and Scripture readings. This could be a family member, a friend, or yourself. Select individuals to participate in the crowning. This could include children, family members, or friends. 3. Order of the Ceremony: Start together by taking a moment a silence to center yourself, your group, and your family for this time of prayer. Use the place where you will be crowning Mary as a focal point. The leader can begin with an opening prayer, asking for God's blessing on the ceremony and for Mary's intercession. Here are some examples: O Blessed Mother of God and our Mother too, protect our families and all the children of the world, especially the poor, hungry, and helpless. Teach us to remember that we are all brothers and sisters, children of God, now and forever. O God, who have been pleased to gladden the world By the Resurrection of you Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Grant, we pray, that through his Mother, the Virgin Mary, We may receive the joys of everlasting life. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen. As a group, recite the Rosary or a selection of Marian prayers. You can include prayers such as the Hail Mary, the Memorare, or the Hail Holy Queen. Let one of the participants read a passage from the Bible that honors Mary, such as the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) or the Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12). Optional: Someone can offer a brief reflection on the Scripture reading or a few thoughts for the group to consider. Sing or recite hymns dedicated to Mary, such as "Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above" or "Immaculate Mary." If you have a procession, carry the statue or picture of Mary to the designated spot while singing or reciting one of the hymns mentioned above. Once at the spot, offer the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Litany: Leader reads the title of Mary, the family members or group responds with “Pray for us!” Queen of Angels. . . Queen of Patriarchs and prophets. . . Queen of Apostles and martyrs. . . Queen of Confessors and virgins. . . Queen of all saints. . . Queen conceived without sin. . . Queen assumed into heaven. . . Queen of the Rosary. . . Queen of Peace. . . Leader: Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God. Group: That we may become worthy of the promises of Christ. Crown the statue or picture of Mary with a wreath of flowers. You can use real or artificial flowers for the crown. Conclude with the Consecration to Mary prayer, or another final prayer, and another Marian hymn. Encourage participants to spend some time in personal prayer or reflection. Remember to adapt the ceremony to suit the preferences and traditions of your group, and feel free to include any additional prayers or rituals that are meaningful to you. The most important thing is to approach the ceremony with reverence and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I pray that you were able to gather helpful ideas for bringing this time-honored tradition into your home. Tell me how it went in the comments or by sharing pictures with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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  • Liturgy Market | His Girl Sunday

    Subscribe to our email list and receive 10% off your first order! Liturgy Market sets itself apart as an online Catholic retailer dedicated to offering liturgically rich heirlooms and goods curated to inspire story-centered, personal, and cultural experiences throughout the Church's liturgical year. Shop the Curated Liturgical Collections Feast Days Seasons Domestic Church Paper Goods Gifts Heirlooms Send a Liturgy Market Gift Card Buy a Gift Card NEW ARRIVALS Quick View Marian Garden Guide Printable Price $0.00 Quick View St. Zelie Kept Locket Price $64.00 Quick View Catholic Mother's Day Gift Sets Price $55.00 Quick View More Than Gratitude Journal Price $20.00 Quick View Mom's Story: Heirloom Memory Book Price $25.00 Quick View Grandma's Story: Heirloom Memory Book for My Family Out of stock Quick View Dad's Story: Heirloom Memory Book Price $25.00 Quick View Our Lady of Perpetual Help Bracelet Price $14.00 Quick View St. Patrick Celtic Trinity Necklace Regular Price $20.00 Sale Price $16.00 Quick View Men's Leather Saint Keychains Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Immaculate Heart Holy Water Vessel Price $30.00 Quick View Marian & Saint Statue Crown Price $10.00 Quick View Best Mom Ever Pen Set Price $14.00 Quick View St. Valentine Love You Mug Price $20.00 Quick View St. John the Baptist Fireside Bundle Price $25.00 Quick View 7" White Beeswax Tapers 12 Pack Price $34.00 Shop Gifts BEST SELLERS Quick View Saint & Virtue of the Year Goal Planner Price $0.00 Quick View Chrism Fragrance Spray Price $24.00 Quick View Mini Sacred Heart BOGO Price $25.00 Quick View Scriptural Valentine's Day Cards Price $0.00 Quick View 2024 Paschal Candle Set Regular Price $20.00 Sale Price $15.00 Quick View Chrism Candle- 4oz Price $22.00 Quick View St. Margaret Mary Sacred Heart Earrings Price $20.00 Quick View The Donkey That No One Could Ride Price $16.00 Quick View Marian & Saint Statue Crown Price $10.00 Quick View O Antiphons Printable Price $0.00 Quick View 2024 Catholic Liturgical Living Wall Calendar Regular Price $9.00 Sale Price $6.00 Quick View St. Therese Sacrifice Beads Price $14.00 Quick View Lenten Living Printables Price $0.00 Quick View French Fève Nativity Set Out of stock Quick View Women's Lent Study Out of stock Quick View Crown of Thorns Out of stock EXPLORE THE HEIRLOOM COLLECTION St. Zelie Kept Locket Price $64.00 Grandma's Story: Heirloom Memory Book for My Family Out of stock Dad's Story: Heirloom Memory Book Price $25.00 Mom's Story: Heirloom Memory Book Price $25.00 Marian & Saint Statue Crown Price $10.00 Timeless Rosary Bracelet Price $36.00 Easter Symbol Cookie Cutters Price $10.00 Tabletop Stations of the Cross Price $100.00 Immaculate Heart Rosary Holder Price $28.00 St. Therese Sacrifice Beads Price $14.00 Nativity Advent Wreath Out of stock Memento Mori Wood Garland Price $30.00 Swedish Anglaspel Out of stock Traditional Angel & Miner Luminary Price $25.00 Nativity Story Advent Wreath Out of stock Incense House with Incense Cones Out of stock Shop Now Use your new heirlooms and goods to create tradition. Find ideas, recipes, theology, and resources back in the blog or on social media. Go to the Blog About Liturgy Market At Liturgy Market we strive to cultivate a Catholic retail experience that is centered around storytelling and a deep personal connection to living the liturgical year. Our products are infused with the cultural stories of global communities, grounded in tradition, liturgy, and imagery-rich experiences. We want our heirlooms and goods to support you in developing a liturgical lifestyle that fosters appreciation for people, God, and the seasons. Our products are meant to be highly valued and handed down for generations. As you engage with our community, our aim is for you to have a sensory experience of the faith and increased trust and commitment to our brand. Learn More About Us Ships Within 1-3 Days Run by a Catholic Family Giving Back to Parishes Quick Customer Service Receive our e-newsletter Liturgy Collective and other updates, resources, first-looks, and discounts! Enter your email here Sign Up Happy You're Here! Thank you for supporting our Catholic family owned small business.

  • His Girl Sunday

    LITURGICAL LIVING IN ALL LIFE'S SEASONS by His Girl Sunday IDEAS IN ACTION CELEBRATE WITH YOUR CATHOLIC VILLAGE Welcoming you into liturgical living that fosters interpersonal and story-centered Catholic heritage, identity, and tradition throughout the Church year. Inroduction My name is Steffani! My husband and I both come from generations of people who lived liturgically. I am a Catholic wife, educator, theologian, and trained ballet dancer. I specialize in the study and application of liturgical living, culture, tradition, & festivity. After growing up in a family full of seasonal experiences, I married into a big Catholic family that was overflowing with liturgical tradition. Through various seasons of life we found joy, prayer, and community in the sacraments and the liturgical life of the Church. I couldn't help but want to share this with you! I welcome you into this Catholic lifestyle with me, my husband, friends, family, and community. If you are looking for more authentic ways to instill Catholic culture and tradition back into your home and your parish, then stick around for a while. I explain what Catholics believe, why we believe it, and how to live it out! My mission is to help you experience what true festivity is in all seasons of life. If the liturgy is for everyone, then a liturgical life is too. A MEANINGFUL & MEMORABLE CATHOLIC LIFE Are you looking to start a living liturgically? You've come to the right place! Liturgy Culture & Kitchen strives to inspire households and parishes to embody the liturgical year. We fill a space that was once common practice, seasonal celebrations for all ages and with all ages. Printable Calendar Daily Inspiration Members Corner Let's Get Started Feeling upside down or overwhelmed? Begin with our simple guide! Get the Guide Join the Festivity Want More From His Girl Sunday? Subscribe to get recipes, liturgical living ideas, & news from Steffani right to your inbox! Email Join Our Mailing List Thanks for subscribing! Cultivate the spirit of Ordinary Time in your home and community with these timeless traditions. Culture Summer Blog Posts Find resources for building tradition and theology for living the season in my feast day writings. Great Idea! Kitchen Summer Recipes Cook and bake feast day meals and treats with me. There is a seat for you at my table. Get Cookin' Market Heirlooms & Goods Shop the curated collection and fill your home with pieces that are intended to enhance the season. Let's Shop 17 Marian Garden Flowers and Their Meaning St. Catherine of Siena Feast Day Guide May Crowning Ceremony at Home or With a Group Desiring a liturgical life that is purposefully rooted in your Catholic identity and culture? PARTNERSHIPS FEATURED APPEARANCES ON THE HOME TAB LITURGICAL LIVING IN ALL LIFE'S SEASONS Disclosure Connect All rights reserved. ©His Girl Sunday. Unauthorized usage and duplication of text and images without the express permission of Steffani and His Girl Sunday is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links to posts may be used as long as clear credit is given to Steffani/His Girl Sunday. Email Website ​ Liturgy Culture & Kitchen Liturgy Market by His Girl Sunday

  • Liturgy Kitchen | His Girl Sunday

    Liturgy Culture & Kitchen Liturgy Kitchen is an average wife's pursuit at making good food and drinks for feast days and seasons while dancing and talking theology. Steffani's fond memories of cooking up seasonal meals with her dad in the kitchen, and now serving her own family, has drawn her to share the ways in which food can nourish us both physically and spiritually. Growing together around the table is an essential part of celebrating God through the liturgical year, and an invaluable part of uniting friends and family. Advent Recipes Go to Christmas Recipes Go to Winter Ordinary Time Recipes Go to Lenten Recipes Go to Easter Recipes Go to Summer Ordinary Time Recipes Go to Any Season Go to Meatless Meals Go to Drinks Go to

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