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Welcome to Liturgy Culture & Kitchen by His Girl Sunday, a Catholic collective for heritage, culture, and liturgical living founded by Steffani Aquila. Initially named "His Girl Sunday," Steffani's personal liturgical life blog derived its title from her fondness for 40s & 50s classics, a heartfelt aspiration to uplift others, and an understanding that Sunday is the primordial feast day. As her endeavors flourished a new brand emerged, Liturgy Culture and Kitchen. This space is where Steffani inspires a sense of village Catholicism by fostering interpersonal, story-centered, Catholic culture and tradition in the home and parish through the liturgical year. Her mission is to help you develop a daily lifestyle, not simply a one time feast day experience. She offers Catholics in all seasons of life a place to see how everyone belongs to the liturgical life of the Church. Through her writings, research, festive tips, recipes, and lived example women and men of all ages can come to a more joy-filled and personal relationship with Christ through the seasons.


At Liturgy Market we strive to cultivate a Catholic retail experience that is centered around storytelling and a deep personal connection to living the liturgical year. Our products are infused with the cultural stories of global communities, grounded in tradition, liturgy, and imagery-rich experiences. We want our heirlooms and goods to support you in developing an ongoing liturgical lifestyle that fosters appreciation for people, God, and the seasons. Our products are meant to be highly valued and handed down for generations. As you engage with our community, our aim is for you to have a sensory experience of the faith and increased  trust and commitment to our brand.

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Steffani Aquila is a Catholic wife, national speaker, upcoming author, theologian, educator, and expert in the field of liturgical life and Catholic culture. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her work to Catholic parishes, schools, and institutions, taking on roles in both ministerial and administrative capacities. Over that period, she has had the distinct opportunity to instruct individuals across every age group, ranging from 3 to 65+. Having received the gift of living the seasons from her own family and marrying into a family that also embraced liturgical living, Steffani witnessed how we can be drawn into a deeper and more holistic relationship with Christ through the Church year. Now she shares attainable ways that you and your community can develop a story-centric, authentic, and accessible way to live liturgically.

Let's bring Sunday, into every day! 


His Girl Sunday is a play on the commonly known phrase, "Girl Friday" or "His Girl Friday" which is the name for a faithful and efficient assistant and a spin off from Man Friday, a right hand man. The idea came from the old movie "His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell, and also her favorite classic female comedian, Lucille Ball, who plays in a hilarious role of "Girl Friday" in an episode of the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour. Through this name, Steffani not only expresses her connection to vintage classics but more so reflects her commitment to serving God, her family, and her online and in-person community.


Liturgy Culture and Kitchen is an online and in person community that welcomes all ages looking to experience celebrations throughout the liturgical year. You can follow His Girl Sunday on social media to get simple and festive tips and tricks, subscribe to her e-newsletter "Liturgy Collective" where you can get more in depth and exclusive liturgical living content, or become a website member to leave comments on blog posts. Steffani regularly gets invited to either participate in or help plan liturgical living experiences for parishes and groups around the country. If you would like to live the Church year in person with Steffani, you can send all inquiries to

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