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Hey Y'all! My name is Steffani. Thank you for stopping by to walk this road to Heaven with me. My desire is to share how we live the Catholic faith and tradition in our home and with our community.


With an initial goal to become a dentist, God had a very different plan for me. From there, I transitioned into Education and Theology, then pursued Theology further to earn a Master's Degree. Over the span of about 15 years I was given unique experiences to teach or minister to every age group between 1st and 12th grade. Now I work directly with adults seeking to know and live their Catholic culture and traditions.

To help our family, I began event planning on the side for Catholic couples and organizations. From small weddings, parish events, to large conferences, I have been very blessed with the opportunity to help people communicate their Catholicity through beautifully organized events. 

Roll all of that in with my family background full of tradition and you've got His Girl Sunday. This is a place where you can read my theological writing, learn about Catholic traditions, and receive resources for implementing them in your own home. My dream is to reinvigorate our domestic church and to fill the streets with Catholic festivities. 


Let's bring Sunday, into every day! 


This is a small business/blog that I have created out of a combined background in theology, education, event planning, and family that is brimming with Catholic tradition. My desire is to provide resources and opportunities for communities and families to live out the liturgy and strive for holiness in all areas of our life. Whether it be a feast day at home or a Catholic event, my goal is to share that true festivity can be found in the ordinary. 


You'll also find my blog here, which is filled with my own efforts to live liturgically in our "little church", as well as resources and ideas for yours. But along with that you'll be able to read about my experiences and reflections as a Catholic wife, recipes & books that I enjoy, anecdotes on my obsession with the transcendentals, theological prose, tips for hosting, and bringing beauty to your home. 

His Girl Sunday is a play on the commonly known phrase, "Girl Friday" or "His Girl Friday" which is the name for a faithful and efficient assistant and a spin off from Man Friday, a right hand man. The meaning is twofold in that my desire is to serve God; and also live well the vocation of good and virtuous wife, which I get to do in my immediate family and, alongside my husband, in our community. The idea came from the old movie "His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell, and also my favorite classic comedian, Lucille Ball, who plays in a hilarious role of "Girl Friday" in an episode of the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour. 

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