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Liturgy Culture & Kitchen

Liturgy Kitchen is an average wife's pursuit at making good food and drinks for feast days and seasons while dancing and talking theology. Steffani's fond memories of cooking up seasonal meals with her dad in the kitchen, and now serving her own family, has drawn her to share the ways in which food can nourish us both physically and spiritually. Growing together around the table is an essential part of celebrating God through the liturgical year, and an invaluable part of uniting friends and family.

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Christmas Treats

Advent Recipes

Sliced Panettone

Christmas Recipes

Unbaked Pie

Winter Ordinary Time Recipes

Fresh Salmon

Lenten Recipes

Easter Food

Easter Recipes

Homemade Bacon

Summer Ordinary Time Recipes

Mini Burgers

Any Season

Fish and Chips

Meatless Meals

Tea Time



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