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Caramel Iced Coffee

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

For me, iced coffee is a love language and a way of life. I have one iced coffee a day, all year round, winter included! I can express my love for coffee with this short phrase, I drink coffee like a Gilmore Girl. As if I need caffeine, I'm naturally hyper and excitable, but it's a comfort that I can't help but to indulge.

One of my new favorite coffee companies, Guadalupe Roastery, sent me a delicious bag and I have been using it to try out new recipes. This one was made for the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. As you may well know, sometimes I make cheesy food connections so that we can have fun treats for feast days.

This recipe takes no time at all, but if you want to make iced coffee the best way, then you will make the coffee the day before. Letting it sit in the refrigerator will cool the hot coffee down in advance so that the ice cubes don't melt faster than you can chill your beverage.

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Day of Chill Time: 30 minutes

Yields: 1 beverage

Bring in the Troops!

  • Ice

  • ½ cup (4 fluid ounces) chilled coffee

  • ¼ cup almond milk

  • 1 tablespoon whipping cream

  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup

  • 1 ½ tablespoons caramel sauce

Begin by making your coffee and chilling in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Pour it over ice and get those measuring spoons ready!

Add in 1/4 cup of almond milk, you can also use whole milk at the same ratio.

And mid recipe it looks like the little yorkie pup fell asleep on my feet. He frequently does this when I'm cooking and baking in the kitchen, he's such a cuddly little dog.

Okay, back to why we are here! Pour in 1 tablespoon whipping cream to your coffee and milk combination.

Then drizzle 1 teaspoon maple syrup, I like using this as a more natural sweetener.

Add in 1 1/2 tbsps caramel sauce... wait for it... wait for it....

And stir to caramel perfection! Oh goodness it's going to be a good morning.

Get your rosary, your devotional, your journal, whatever you pray with and let's give some time to our Blessed Mother. Relax, pray, & drink coffee.

This wouldn't be a good feast day post without some resources to learn more about Our Lady of Mt. Carmel right? If you have time for a few reads I would recommend the links below. This year I've seen a lot of, well, let's just say interesting pieces of information about wearing the scapular. Let's do some of our own reading with reliable sources!

Pray this prayer with your coffee!

“O Beautiful Flower of Carmel, most fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, holy and singular, who brought forth the Son of God, still ever remaining a pure virgin, assist us in our necessity. O Star of the Sea, help and protect us. Show us that you are our Mother. Amen.”

Happy Feast Day,

His Girl Sunday


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