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Date Night Ideas for Those That Love to Love

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

For our rehearsal dinner we decided to pick a handful of people that would give toasts. I wanted the night to be more personal and also allow people that played an important part in our relationship the chance to speak, especially given that the wedding day is relegated to MOH and best man speeches. As an aside, I can't recommend this enough, we got to hear beautiful words from family and friends that we have been able to look back on affectionately.

One of those speeches was from my husband's friend and this affirmation really struck the both of us.

He said, "these two are really good at dating."

This moment feels so fresh to me, we looked at each other and smiled, giving the other that look that best friends give when you know exactly what the other person is thinking.

My husband and I have always really enjoyed spending time with one another and experiencing new things. The first summer we met we spent every single weekend (this is not an exaggeration) out at a Mexican restaurant that had live music dancing, talking, eating, and shutting the place down at 2AM. We had a blast together, and that amazing summer continued on for years!

The typical engagement advice of "never stop dating one another" was not lost on us, and in fact was one of the much easier words of advice to put into action. Mostly, because it already was! It could be the fact that we both have personalities that get bored easily, or that my husband knows that I love to be asked out, whatever the reason, we do something several times a month.

These are some of my favorite and most memorable date nights!

Dinner and Dancing: I am not talking clubs, that's personally not my scene, but more so restaurants, event halls, tea houses, beer gardens, etc that have live music.

This was a local rooftop restaurant!

Brunch and Antiquing: On a Saturday morning we both really enjoy waking up slowly, getting ready, having a leisurely brunch, and hitting up local antique shops. I find the best furniture and Catholic gems on these dates. My husband really likes finding old books!

Outdoor Theatre & Picnic: Pack a picnic, football, frisbee, or kite and lay outside while listening to the symphony or watch a play. This is one of our go to dates when we are on a budget!

Comedy Shows: We are about to go see our third comedian next month! Who do you both enjoy hearing? See when they are going on tour and spend the evening out laughing together. Give yourself permission to loosen up sometimes... it's good for the skin!

Gary Gulman = Hilarious!

High Tea: Sometimes I like to get a little fancy. Get dressed up and enjoy high tea together at a nearby restaurant, brunch spot, or hotel! There is nothing lovelier than this.

High Tea at the Granduca

Winery and Church Outings: When we can get away for a Saturday we drive out of the city and visit a nearby winery or cute small town. There are tons of those around that make for great day trips and there's usually an old Catholic Church that will delight our hearts. The painted churches around Schulenburg are absolutely breathtaking, look them up!

This is St. Joseph Catholic Church in Richardson, TX.

Messina Hof Winery

Parish Events: These can make for fun date nights too! Sometimes we will look at events that are happening at local parishes and jump into those. Catholic churches are always offering something, could be Mass and a talk, wine & dinner, procession & community time, or a parish dance. See what is going on around you!

This was a parish Shrove Tuesday event, I'm not going to pass up good Cajun food!

Movie Grills: This is so simple and low key! They are easy to do when you just want to get out of the house but don't want to make a ton of decisions. Plus, who doesn't like watching a movie while being served snacks and wine?

There's so many ideas that I could write about so I'll save that for a part two in the near future. If I could leave you with anything let it be this. When my husband and I were dating, and we'd be out doing something, we'd look over and say "I like you." Of course we loved each other, but before that came the very simple yet profound reality that we liked one another.

We enjoy and delight in the other.

Think of what you each enjoy and go experience that with them. Consider your common interests and seek those out. And maybe, if I could put it simply, we all just need to say let's go do something and then actually go do it!

Peace & Good,


His Girl Sunday

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