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Navigating Holy Week

Updated: Mar 23

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Y'all! I cannot believe how close we are to Palm Sunday and Holy Week! Where did the time go? I feel like we just started Lent and I was getting into that groove and now I'm switching gears again to get into all that Holy Week holds. All good things, but woah!

I would love to hear about how you plan your Holy Week. Usually my husband and I sit down the week prior to Holy Week with our planners to discuss the traditions that we did last year and if we want to do them again, and what liturgies we are going to. We did a lot of these traditions before we got married with our own family and friends, which really made it easy to bring into our marriage, and now many of the traditions feel like second nature. We know the Holy Week routine, how it goes, and it gets a lot easier when the traditions actually become traditions as opposed to the earlier phases of adopting a tradition when we have to really reflect on whether or not it was helping or hindering our closeness to Christ. This may be the phase that you're in right now and that's great because it means you're trying new things and seeing what helps you give God a greater sense of praise! Keep going!

I always get asked if there are any traditions associated with the Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week and the answer is yes, and they aren't just ideas drummed up in my own head, they are actual customs and traditions tied to the liturgical year. 😂 Below you will find a very digestible description for the meaning behind each day of Holy Week with a handful of attainable ideas to get you started. These traditions are also easily adaptable to fit your season of life. I recently had college students reach out to discuss how they can bring these liturgical living ideas into their current lifestyle, that is exactly what this is about! I love it! These traditions are for YOU, it doesn't matter if you're single, married, with children, without children, young, old, it doesn't matter, liturgical living and the church year is for you.

You know how people say that Scripture fits us in every time of our life, that it is always relevant? Well guess what, the liturgical year is just like that, it's relevant in every part of our life because praising God and all that He has given us can and should be a part of our day to day.

Before we get into it, you are always welcome to chat with me, tag me, or email me so that I can lift you up in your liturgical living. You can find me on Facebook here, Instagram here, or by subscribing to my website

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Palm Sunday

Try this full guide for liturgical living in the home on Palm Sunday.

You can also make palm branches with the precious palms of your children. Use this craft guide!

catholic holy monday extravagant monday explanation with liturgical living ideas for holy week

catholic holy tuesday explanation with liturgical living ideas for holy week

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Do you need a recipe for Holy Thursday? Try my Garlic Lamb Loin Chops recipe.

catholic good friday explanation with holy week liturgical living ideas

Want to try your hand at making Hot Cross Buns? I've got you covered, here is my recipe.

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