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Catholic Marian Halloween Costumes for Women

Honored to Share Three Marian-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Women!

I'm thrilled to have Becca from The Art of Catholic Homemaking as a guest contributor on Liturgy, Culture & Kitchen. With All Saints' Day right around the corner, we're excited to dress up in a Catholic-inspired way. Becca has shared three amazing Halloween costume ideas for women that are inspired by Mary herself! We're grateful for her contribution, and we can't wait to try out these costumes. Thank you so much, Becca!

catholic women marian halloween costumes

catholic women marian halloween costumes

There are so many options and ideas online for kids costumes, but there isn’t much for women and moms who also want to dress up as saints. I’m here to help you with that, and who better to dress up after than Our Mother Mary herself! We're confident that you'll adore these ideas and realize how effortless they are to implement.

Our Lady of Pontmain

catholic women marian halloween costumes

Also known as Our Lady of Hope, this is an apparition of Our Lady, which is not often talked about. The people in the small village of France were saved from the Russians because of their prayers to our Lady. It is a visually stunning outfit and when you're done wearing it as a costume, you can switch their use for daily wear.

Here is what you will need!

  1. Long sleeve blue dress

  2. Gold stars (tape or glue them on the dress)

  3. Gold crown

  4. Blue shawl or scarf

Our Lady of Guadalupe

catholic women marian halloween costumes

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to St. Juan Diego beginning in the 16th century. The story of the apparitions convey her message of love, compassion, and her universal promise of assistance and protection to all humanity. The color pallette of this outfit is going to make this Marian costume easily identifiable.

Here is what you will need!

  1. Tan dress

  2. Black flats

  3. Black waist ribbon or sash

  4. Teal shawl or scarf

  5. Gold stars (taped or glued onto the teal shawl or scarf)

  6. Gold crown

Our Lady of La Salette

catholic women marian halloween costumes

Another beautiful apparition of Mary is Our Lady of La Salette. If you don’t already know what her message is about, you should read the story further. She warned against things like missing mass on Sundays, and using the Lord’s name in vain. Our Lady wore a very bright and distinguishable outfit that highly recognizable to other Catholics.

Here is what you will need!

  1. White dress

  2. Yellow apron

  3. Flower crown and gold crown combination

  4. Floral flats

  5. Cross necklace

As adults we must remember that it is our inheritance to take part in these liturgical feasts, not only for the example of our children, but for praising God and building a liturgical life for ourselves and our communities. I pray that you all have a very blessed Allhallowtide and have been encouraged to dress up in celebration and fun!

Get more ideas and encouragement from Steffani and Becca!

The Art of Catholic Homemaking

And if you're not following along with the Liturgy Culture & Kitchen community, I welcome you to join us.

For more resources on building Catholic tradition, check out the blog section of my website or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what Catholic things I am doing to make our day to day life more joyful.

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