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🎅 Introducing Our Limited Time St. Nicholas Feast Day Bundle! 🎁


Celebrate this timeless feast day with our exclusive St. Nicholas Bundle, a curated selection of festive items that capture the spirit of merriment and giving. Embrace the warmth of tradition and indulge in a trio of delightful products that promise to make your celebration truly special.


St. Nicholas Garland: Drape this along your mantle above the stockings or shoes that you will fill on his feast day. This gorgeous and high quality garland truly adds a touch of pizzazz and whimsy to your feast day decorating.


St. Nicholas Treat Set: Everyone is serving up special holiday treats on the feast of St. Nicholas and wouldn't it be lovely to display them on this plate and cup set. This beautiful set is sure to add a touch of feast day character! 


Mystery Peg Doll: Be surprised and impressed by the craftsmanship of these hand painted peg dolls. They fit perfectly inside a shoe and are meant to inspire Catholic play and storytelling. Learn about a new saint this season!


🎉 Why Choose Our Bundle?

  • ✨ Exclusive Edition!
  • 🎁 40% off!
  • 🕒 Limited Stock!


📣 Spread the Joy! Share your St. Nicholas celebrations with us on social media!  Don't miss out on this festive trio—order now and make your feast memorable!

St. Nicholas' Feast Day Bundle

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  • All sales are final, we do not accept returns or exchanges unless an incorrect item has been sent to you. Your satisfaction is a priority to me, if there are issues with your order please contact me. 


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