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Symbols play a significant role in deepening spiritual connections and conveying profound truths. Among these symbols, flowers hold a special place, with each bloom often carrying layers of meaning and association.


In particular, the Blessed Virgin Mary is often linked with various flowers, each representing different aspects of her character, virtues, and mysteries. Throughout the month of May and the upcoming summer months it's easy to get inspired to plant a garden, but as Catholics we can make it even more meaningful by choosing blooms that will speak to Our Lady. Within that garden you could even put a garden statue of Mary and a bench or a comfortable chair to sit in while you pray the rosary.


Let's explore the significance of some flowers commonly associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can find the first ten flowers in this free download, and the full list in this blog post.


Note: This is a digital download, you will not receive any physical products. All free printables cannot be returned. 

Marian Garden Guide Printable

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