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Halloween translates to All Hallows' Eve, or the eve of all holy men and women. During this time we are called to remember and celebrate the communion of saints, communio sanctorum. This terminology refers to the Church Militant for those living on earth, the Church Suffering for those in purgatory, and the Church Triumphant for those in Heaven.


For Catholics, October 31st is supposed to be the celebration and liturgical vigil of All Saints (November 1st), which is a solemnity and a holy day of obligation. We honor the Church Triumphant and recall the many great saints that we love and seek to be like. Following that we celebrate those soon to be saints on what is known as All Souls' Day. We pray for the suffering church, those in purgatory, and especially our loved ones that have gone before us.


These Catholic pumpkin stencils were created out of a desire to remind our family and neighbors that this is a day of remembering those holy men and women who have gone before us, while also thinking about our own holiness. Our pumpkins can act as a visible sign for the world to see that Halloween is a day of faith! 


With the goal of evangelizing in mind, you will receive 10 Catholic stencils, each representing a part of our faith, and one page explaining the theology behind this feast day. This free PDF entitles you to print as many times as you’d like for your own household’s personal use. Please do not share the digital files, but encourage others to visit and subscribe to our website. 


This compilation is copyright Steffani Aquila 2023, all rights reserved.

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Catholic Pumpkin Stencils

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