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The Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Candlemas, is a feast which dates back to the early Church fathers.


Candlemas is the fortieth day after Christmas, and is the day the Church celebrates when the Blessed Virgin Mary in obedience with Mosaic law, presented the Christ child to Simeon the Just, in the temple (Numbers 18:15), and submitted herself for the ritual purification (Luke 2:22).


On this feast day, Catholics customarily bring all the candles they will use in their home throughout the coming year to the Church to be blessed. 


St. John Chrysostom wrote: ‘The bee is more honored than other animals, not because it labors, but because it labors for others” (12th Homily).’ So, I realized that the bees, like the clergy and religious men and women in the Church, work unceasingly for the common good of the hive and obey without question their superiors, and above all their queen.


The symbolism of bees also signifies the way the Church generates her spiritual fruits because bees are virginal, they don’t have any sexual contact. As the Church gives grace through the purity of her divine Sacraments, so the bees give us honey and wax by the labor of their pure bodies. This is why their wax, considered the fruit of a virgin labor, is worthy to burn in the candles on the altar at the offering of the Holy Sacrifice."


These tapers are made from 100% all natural, beeswax candles as the Church customarily used prior to Vatican II.


They are beautifully designed to fit almost any standard candlestick holder and measure to be 7" tall. They have a delicate natural scent of beeswax that will fill your home for a truly soothing experience. They can remain lit for hours at a time so you know you're getting incredible usage out of them.The sleek tapered construction creates a perfect decorative piece for any room. Each pack comes with 12 candles. 


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7" White Beeswax Tapers 12 Pack

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