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My name is Steffani. I am a Catholic wife, educator, theologian, event planner, and trained ballet dancer. I specialize in the study and application of liturgical living, culture, tradition, & festivity.

After growing up in a family full of seasonal experiences, I married into a big Catholic family that was overflowing with liturgical tradition. Through various seasons of life we found joy, peace, prayer, and community in the sacraments and the liturgical life of the Church. I couldn't help but want to share this with you!

I welcome you into this Catholic lifestyle with me, my husband, friends, family, and community. 

If you are looking for more authentic ways to instill Catholic culture and tradition back into your home and your parish, then stick around for a while. My mission is to help you experience what true festivity is in all seasons of life. If the liturgy is for everyone, then a liturgical life is too. 

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I often get asked the question, "where do I start?" from young adults, newlyweds, those with children in broad age ranges, and those whose children are grown and moved out.

Here are some quick resources to get you started. 

Children Doing Headstands


Feeling upside down or overwhelmed?

Begin with our simple guide!

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Cultivate the spirit of Ordinary Time in your home and community with these timeless traditions.

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Desiring a liturgical life that is purposefully rooted in your Catholic identity and culture?

Liturgy Culture and Kitchen by His Girl Sunday teaches Catholics of all ages and seasons of life how to live according to the liturgical year, and why it's important.

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All rights reserved. ©His Girl Sunday. Unauthorized usage and duplication of text and images without the express permission of Steffani and His Girl Sunday is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links to posts may be used as long as clear credit is given to Steffani/His Girl Sunday. 


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Liturgy Culture & Kitchen

Liturgy Market

by His Girl Sunday

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