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Noah's rainbow stacker set comes with a 5 piece rainbow, two animals, and one Noah peg doll. This rainbow is painted in bright red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Each peice has been sealed with a wood sealant and is not recommended for children to put in their mouth. 

Noah’s Traditional Rainbow Stacker Set

Only 2 left in stock
  • Hand painted with acrylic paints and sealed for play. The rainbow is approximately 7 1/2" wide, 4 1/2" tall, and about 3/4" thick. The animals are approx. 2" round wooden balls and Noah is approx. 3 1/2" tall. Each item in my shop is hand painted, so there may be slight variations in the artwork. All peg doll sets are sealed with a wood sealant for durability. They are not intended to be in the mouths of children. These sets make sweet gifts for a birthday, sacrament present, feast day, or holiday. They are also great for pretend play, additions to your home altar, home or work desk, you name it! Animal add ons can be requested through the website. 

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