In this booklet, you’ll find the traditional text and order for a Home Enthronement, a checklist for preparing, theology about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well as traditional prayers and hymns. Here is a specific list of what will be included.

1. What is the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

2. What is the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

3. Living the Devotion

4. Home Enthronement Checklist

5. Order for Home Enthronement

6. Prayer of Christ the High Priest

7. Prayer to the Sacred Heart

8. Getting to Know St. Margaret Mary

9. 12 Promises

10. Prayer from St. Margaret Mary

11. Gratitude Prayer to the Sacred Heart

12. Novena to the Sacred Heart

13. All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure 


You get a 20 page pdf file booklet, that can be printed as individual pages, but I recommend opening the pdf in Adobe and printing it as a booklet. For best results print on high quality paper so that images cannot be seen through the reverse side.


Your purchase entitles you to print this booklet as many times as you’d like for your own household’s personal use. Please do not share the digital files or print the booklet for others. Thank you! For groups, parishes, schools, etc. please purchase the extended license for each prayer companion, that can be found in the digital shop.



The text of these traditional prayers and hymns are in the public domain.

Illustrations are from various editions of the Roman Missal that are out of copyright, and other vintage books and online sources similarly out of copyright.


This compilation is copyright Steffani Aquila 2020, all rights reserved.

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    Home Enthronement Printable Prayer Companion