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Await and Prepare is a PDF printable guide that I made to help bring ease, thoughtfulness, and intentionality to the season of Advent. With so many liturgical living ideas for Advent, I want you to be able to find a sense of rest in the season. Something that brings me rest and peace of mind is good planning so that my thoughts are not racing during my prayer time and I can really be present to those around me.


This is an 16 page digital item that you will be able to download and print in your own home. You will not receive a physical product.


Pages Included

1. Exclusive cover

2. Table of Contents

3. Brain Dump

4. Budget Tracker

5. Feast Day Recipe Card

6. Gift List Tracker

7. Advent Challenge

8. Advent Countdown

9. Living Tradition with St. Nicholas

10. Living Tradition with Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

11. Living Tradition with Our Lady of Guadalupe

12. Living Tradition with Our Lady of Loreto

13. St. Andrew Christmas Novena

14-16. Full Blessing of a Christmas Tree

17-20. 4 Print and Frame Advent Quotes

21. Feast of 7 Fishes Meal Planner

22. Liturgy Kitchen Grocery Lists

23. Christmas Gift Tags



Ideas for Using This Guide

1. Print as many times for your own household as you need.

2. Don't overwhelm yourself, pick what works for you.

3. Put the Advent Countdown on the fridge and place a magnet over the day, or frame it and use a dry erase marker to mark off the days.

4. Use the Catholic tradition guides as just that, a guide. Use the traditions that enhance your Advent.

5. Strive to pray the Christmas Novena, it's beautiful.

6. Reach out to me for help or tips if you need it.

Await and Prepare Advent Guide

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