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This Paschal candle is one of the most sacred and enduring elements in Christianity. Ours is adorned with the Christian symbols of the cross to represent His redemptive sacrifice and the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet - Alpha and Omega – to signify that He is the beginning and the end. With the Paschal Candle in our parishes there are traditionally five grains of incense inserted into the candle to recall the aromatic spices that were used to prepare Christ’s body for the tomb, and the wounds in His hands, feet and side, which remained after His resurrection. Our candle set comes with five pins to represent this!


Your domestic church Paschal Candle can be used at Sunday family dinner, during family or personal prayer time, or when you're feeling like you need the light of Christ in your day. We do this to bring into our home all that the Paschal Candle represents: Jesus being our light, dispelling spiritual darkness, our own baptisms and the promises we made, and the hope of the resurrection.



  • White, unscented 2"x8" candle
  • 5 Gold Pins
  • 1 High quality, waterproof, and weatherproof vinyl sticker that is 3” wide x 5.91” tall


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2024 Paschal Candle Set

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