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The Epiphany Door Blessing is a tradition that is becoming ever more popular. Every year I am struck by the beauty of the prayers in the rite, particularly this line, “May all who come to our home this year rejoice to find Christ living among us...”


I often call our home the little monastery because I’ve always wanted it to be a place to rest and find comfort with Christ. That, to me, is home and I hope people feel that when they come to spend time with us. 


With this Epiphany Door Blessing Kit you will receive: 

+ Print & Reflection Card with Blessing for Front Door, Car Door, and Bedroom Door
+ Bottle of Holy Water
+ Stamped Muslin Bag
+ Chalk


The chalk will need to be blessed by a priest before hand and the holy water bottle will come empty. Visit your local parish to fill this up so you can sprinkle your front door. 

Epiphany Door Blessing Kit